R&D Consulting

We offer you a wide range of expertises according to your needs

20 years of IP and Innovation consulting experience !

Experienced consultants support our clients in delegating some of their analytical work (lack of resources) or benefiting from informed recommendations for their decision-making. The combination of tools and high-level advice allows Questel to offer unique support for innovation leaders.

Market Screening

Identify market opportunities in order to commercially exploit technological assets, industrial property, technical and scientific expertise, equipment.

Create added value through diversification by identifying new business needs, new markets, understanding business models and conditions of entry.

Competency Mapping

Develop a comprehensive state of the art technological analysis for a pre-defined field of innovation.

The mapping project will help the client understand the latest trends and position his project/company correctly. Cross-analysis of patent and NPL data as well as web info and expert interviews.

Player Benchmarking

Develop a global overview of patent filing strategies, and consequently compare the R&D strategies, of several companies in a specific domain, or a complete portfolio.

Compare the performance of the IP protection with those of your client, customer and measure the balance of power, then identify corrective actions if necessary.

Ideation and White Space

Develop new ideas for technological applications and select new technological and patentable solutions.

All key technological challenges are considered: eliminate a problem or mitigate a risk, increase functional performance, cost reduction, development of new product features.

Competitive Intelligence

Monitor the development of market players, technological domains and fields of application through patent filings.

In today’s fast-paced competitive environment, technological innovations can be fundamental to business success. Sound competitive technical intelligence enables companies to identify where technology can deliver a competitive advantage in areas such as marketing, product design, and R&D.

Technology Scouting

“Not all smart people work for you.”

A research clearly, jointly carried out by the Imperial College London, Boston University and ESMT Berlin, shows that connecting with a wide range of external resources, including: universities, competitors and research institutions, can increase the rate of and potential for meaningful innovation.

Identify technologies, patents, companies worthy of acquisition, R&D partners and experts to accelerate development phases and enable companies to position and secure access to new markets.